The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Venture Libre
Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Gender Male
Occupation Revolutionary soldier

a humanoid fish


Bad scientists, Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, Sgt. Hatred, The Bat, H.E.L.P.eR.

Gill-Man (as he is referred to in the voice credits) is a one-off character and antagonist in The Venture Bros. episode Venture Libre. He is a lab-created gill-man and a member of U.R.G.H, serving as one of Venturestein's revolutionary soldiers. As such, he resides in Puerto Bahia.


Biography Edit

At some point, he was liberated from the abuse of his scientist by Venturestein and join his army of abominations in freeing their brethren from the same pain in the jungles of Puerto Bahia.

He first appears in Venture Libre where he and several other comrades are terrorized by Hank Venture in his persona of the Bat. Gill-Man witnesses the Giant Crab fall victim to a pit trap filled with punji sticks. Gill-Man is soon attacked by the mysterious assailant. He is shown to be a part of the mob of irate U.R.G.H. soldiers gathering in front of Venturestein's step pyramid to kill the imprisoned Dr. Venture and Sgt. Hatred. During the rant, he brings up his encounter with the bat causing his comrades to decide on destroying "The Bat" was a more pressing concern than killing the prisoners, the mob enters the jungle to hunt the Bat down.

However, Gill-Man is later knocked out by "The Bat", whom manages to free Dr. Venture and Hatred. Gill-Man is later part of Karl's party that chases the Venture Family to the shores of Puerto Bahia, but they are ultimately thwarted by the timely intervention of H.E.L.P.eR.. Dr. Venture orders him to kill the abominations however, he is interrupted by the arrival of other abominations and Venturestein who is overjoyed that his message got through to other abominations. The group also bear witness to the arrival of Marsha Backwood, who demands Dr. Venture's freedom. However, Backwood pauses at the sight of the lost J-Pad and explodes when its bomb goes off. Dr. Venture brings her back as one of the undead. In the post-credit epilogue, Backwood is seen representing the abominations at the U.N as the Venture Family watch on the television at home. It is also shown Dr. Venture and co. are unharmed, most likely due to helping U.R.G.H.'S cause.