Giant Crab
The Venture Bros. character
Giant Crab
First appearance

Venture Libre
Last appearance

Venture Libre
Voiced by

Gender Unspecified

Extraordinary size


The Bat
Cause of Death

Punji stick pit trap

A one-shot monster from the Venture Bros. episode "Venture Libre", this unnamed giant crab seemingly worked in the service of United Repressed Grotesque Humanity, as it was seen going on patrols with Gill-Man, Dog-Man, and other soldiers of that organization. After Dr. Venture crash-landed into the jungles of Puerto Bahia, the crab was the one to deliver the knockout blow to Venture. However, the crab later met its end by falling into a pit trap filled with punji sticks set by Hank Venture.

Hank later used the crab's emptied out body (plus the engine of a jetpack to construct the Hankmobile.

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