Ghost Robot
The Venture Bros. character
Picture 1353
First appearance

Handsome Ransom
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Aliases Weather-Bot 5, Galacticon
Gender Male
Occupation Superhero/meteorologist

Ghost as well as a robot


The Super Gang/Action 5 News Team

U.S. Steel (Boss)

OSI (Temporary civilian undercover operative)

Henchman 21

Henchman Zero (Deceased)

Character Edit

Ghost Robot is a superhero (protagonist) who first appeared in Handsome Ransom. He is a ghost who lives in the head of a robot. He is also "Weatherbot 5" on "Channel 5's Action News".

In Every Which Way But Zeus it is revealed that he is the sidekick of U.S. Steel. In the same episode he is kidnapped by Henchman Zero and brutally "killed" by Henchman 21 in gladiatorial combat. Seemingly unaware of his sidekick's immortality, U.S. Steel weeps when Ghost Robot fails to emerge with the rest of Zero's prisoners after they are freed.

He was however later shown to still be alive in Season 5 where he works with the O.S.I. to uncover some of the Council of 13 members. (Although he seemingly died in "Every Which Way But Zeus, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have stated he cannot be killed as he is both a ghost and a robot.) In said undercover operation, Ghost Robot meets Vendata at Chairman Wao's Chow House and attempts to pry the information from him under the context of a date. It goes south as both realize they do not eat food. Therefore, Vendata suggests they go to Don Hell's nightclub. Ghost Robot all too eagerly agrees, much to the chagrin of Brock Samson and Ghost Robot's other OSI handlers. Predictably, the operation goes south, and Ghost Robot requires Samson and Shore Leave to bail him out.

Episode AppearancesEdit