Ghost Apaches
The Venture Bros. character
Ghost Apache
First appearance

Assassinanny 911
Species Human Ghosts
Occupation None (deceased)
Nationality Members of the Apache tribe of Native Americans
The Venture Compound is based upon an ancient Apache burial ground. Once per year around the end of February, the spirits of the restless dead rise from their graves and haunt the Compound. Dr. Orpheus normally contains them every year on February 25th, but in Assassinanny 911, he had forgot it was a leap year, and Molotov Cocktease (whom was subbing as bodyguard for Brock Samson at the time, was required to call for his assistance.

With the Venture Compound burnt down and abandoned as of All This and Gargantua-2, it is unknown if the ghosts ofo the buried Apache people will rest.

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