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Gargantua is the name given to two separate space stations built by Jonas Venture Sr. and Jonas Venture Jr.


Gargantua 1Edit

Created by Jonas Venture Sr., the Gargantua 1 was the original space station. It was capable of housing up to 9,000
Gargantua 1

Gargantua 1

Venture Industries employees. it is manned by two astronauts Colonel Bud Manstrong and Lieutenant Anna Baldavitch. The stations is also supposedly haunted by the phantom Spaceman.

In Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? it plummeted onto the earth into a terrorist hideout which caused Colonel Manstrong to be awarded while Baldavitch wanting to go out with a "bang" was killed in the midst of giving the colonel a handjob.

Gargantua 2Edit

Gargantua 2

Gargantua 2

Gargantua 2 is a Space station built by Jonas Venture Jr to replace the first Gargantua Space station.Protected from by the Ray shields built in the episode What Color is Your Cleansuit? the station was able to withstand incoming asteroids.

It debuted in the Season 6 episode All This and Gargantua-2, where it was the main focus on its grand opening where it was shown to be able to function as an extravagant casino for the visiting guests on board. The space station would held up by the Revenge Society but the Original Team Venture were able to defeat the villains but had to face a new problems as the shields were shut down when The Investors caused a core meltdown. However, Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture and Dean Venture were able to put the shields up long enough for the guests to evacuate and Jonas Jr., along with General Treister ejected it to save the others from the explosion.

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