The Venture Bros. Group
Fraternity of Torment
The first summit in 1969
First Appearance(s): Now Museum-Now You Don't
Purpose: Organized supervillain team, wreak revenge against the "cruel society that once mocked us for our differences"
Current Members: Brainulo


Former Members: Dr. Fangdragon (Infiltrator)

Manotaur (Retired, then killed by Phantom Limb)

Base: Currently: Unknown, Formerly: Spider-Skull Island

The Fraternity of Torment was a supervillain team organized at the end of the 1960s, where they fought Team Venture.[1] Though FoT suffered a critical blow almost as soon as it was conceived, FoT apparently still exists intact today to remain a competitor for The Guild of Calamitous Intent and The Peril Partnership.[2]

History Edit

The Fraternity was organized, or at least held its first summit at Spider-Skull Island, in 1969. Of its founders, Scaramantula was perhaps its most most ardent. Brainulo only joined in order to get revenge on Jonas Venture Sr., and Dr. Fangdragon was merely a facade for Jonas. Almost as soon as the first summit started, Team Venture ambushed and routed the villains, rescuing young Rusty Venture and claiming Spider-Skull Island for themselves.[1]

The Fraternity of Torment still exists to this day, though it has man less villains than the Guild of Calamitous Intent, at least according to guild numbers.[2]

Episode AppearancesEdit


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