Eugen Sandow
The Venture Bros. character
Sandow Colonel Venture

Eugen Sandw and Colonel Lloyd Venture
First appearance

Last appearance

The Revenge Society
Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Gender Male
Occupation Strongman/body builder, bodyguard, and later chocolatier
Nationality German

Famed strongman, creator of chocolate recipes

Colonel Lloyd Venture, OSI

Eugen Sandow was a famed German bodybuilder who served as Colonel Lloyd Venture's O.S.I. appointed bodyguard.


Sandow grown wary of Lloyd Venture's research on the Orb and was unwilling to carry out his orders to kill Venture should he succeed in unlocking the device.

During an attack by Nikola Tesla, Venture was close to unlocking the Orb and Sandow chose the moment to break the Orb and rendering it useless. He and Venture then decided to hid the broken Orb from their descendants and later bodyguards.


Gallery Edit

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