Dr. Z
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

The Buddy System
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Aliases Councilman 4
Gender Male
Occupation Supervillian, councilman

Mrs. Z (wife)

Ro-Boy (adoptive son)

The Council of 13, The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Action Johnny (Traditionally)
Blue Morpho II

the Sovereign (Deceased)

Dr. Z is a super-villain and member of the Council of 13.


Dr. Z is the aged, former nemesis of Action Johnny. He first appeared in the season three episode "The Buddy System," making an appearance at a "boy-adventurer" day camp as the "special guest" and, upon seeing the drugged out mess Action Johnny has become, expresses dismay and sadness.

He has since appeared in the fourth season episode "Self-Medication", wherein he was accused of murdering the therapist of Johnny and other former adventurers. Dr. Z eventually explains that the men have to leave their boy-adventurer past behind them and become men. In the same episode it is implied that he is gay and his wife is his "beard". At the end of the episode, he and his wife adopt Ro-Boy after he asked to be part of their family after hearing they don't have kids.

In "Bot Seeks Bot" it's revealed that he is also a member of the Council of 13.

In "All This and Gargantua-2", Red Mantle, Dragoon, and Dr. Z fled from the Guild, most likely after hearing of the other council members suddenly being murdered. They fled to OSI headquarters for a deal. In exchange for full immunity, they would tell the Sovereign's location. Mostly, the three fled out of fear of both the Sovereign and the Investors.

He and Red Mantle/Dragoon were recruited back as part of Dr. Killinger's new Council of 13.


Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Dr. Z is a parody of Johnny Quest villain Dr. Zin.

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