Dr. Tara Quymn
First Episode Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Voiced By Nina Hellman
Profession Scientist/ Adventurer
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Relatives Mz. Quymn (mother)
Nancy Quymn (daughter)
Drew Quymn (daughter)

Dr. Tara Quymn is a scientist and adventurer who is a childhood friend to Dr. Venture.


Dr. Tara Quymn was born as the daughter Mz. Quymn. She was raised by her and step-father Colonel Gentleman and grew up as playmate to young adventurer Rusty Venture while their parents and their friends enjoyed themselves as the two kids had fun.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Mz. Quymn Edit

Tara, like Rusty, had a rocky relationship as it seems with her mother. While little is known about their relationship, according to Ginnie, both her parents didn't love her enough. And judging by how annoyed Mz. Quymn was to when her child would ask questions or whine, she was very neglectful or unmotherly to her daughter.

Colonel Gentleman Edit

Tara's relationship with her stepfather is not entirely known or explored. Tara refers to Colonel Gentleman by his name "Horace" although it seems that he and her mother spent quite a lot of time together. It's hinted that the two fought in front of Tara. It could had affected how she saw her stepfather. Though despite her being his stepdaughter, Colonel Gentleman seemed to still care about Tara's feelings. He was quick to punch Rusty for "breaking his stepdaughter's heart".

Nancy and DrewEdit

Tara's relationship with her daughters is unknown but she seems to love them very much.


Dr. VentureEdit

Dr. Venture and Dr. Quymn first met as children, though it is unknown if the party shown in Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman is their first meeting. Some fans speculate that they may be brother and sister due to Jonas Venture Sr. and Mz. Quymn having an affair, and their close resemblance. They meet again as adults in the Amazon. They almost have sex until they are interrupted by Ginnie, and Tara has an epileptic attack. Dr. Quymn may be the only sane woman attracted to Dr. Venture.



Tara's relationship isn't really stated, more left for intererpation. The two have the same roles of Rusty and Brock, as Ginnie is her bodyguard and is protective of her and the twins as Brock is of the Venture family. Ginnie clearly has feelings for her, Tara seems oblivious about it for the most part. But it hasn't stopped Ginnie from trying to confess her feelings or approach her.


  • Her resemblance to Dean, along with her attraction to Dr. Venture since childhood made it seem possible she may be Hank and Dean's mother. This is almost certainly disproven at the end of the episode, as Rusty explains that he hasn't seen her since they were children.
  • Quymn IS an allusion to quim, slang for female genitalia. This is aparant since the episode in which she appears is about the sexual interactions and odditties between men and women.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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