Dr. Phineas Phage
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

"Pomp and Circuitry"
Voiced by

Bill Hader (Seasons 4-5)

James Adomian (Season 6)
Aliases Phage
Occupation Supervillain

Mechanical legs that can change into a flying device

Nasal voice

The Guild of Calamitous Intent, Pro-Teens (henchpeople)

Professor Impossible

Dr. Phineas Phage is a virus-themed super villain, a senior member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the former arch-nemesis of Professor Impossible. After his arch-nemesis joined the The Revenge Society he was left without an arch, but after the death of the infamous Clue Clown he was made a member of the The Council of 13.


Season 4Edit

When he first appeared, he attempted to attack his arch Prof. Impossible who was suffering depression in order to get him active again, but when he spotted Phantom Limb in Richard's office he attempted to report him due to his loyalty to the Guild. However, Phantom Limb managed to incapacitate him. Phage survived the encounter, however, and ratted him out to the Council of 13 leading to an ambush at State University.

Season 5Edit

After the death of Boggles the Clue Clown, Phage- was appointed his replacement and the newest member of the Council of 13. At first the members wanted to celebrate Phage's induction however the Sovereign refused saying that anonymity was important for the organization. After he was gone, the group discarded the rules and all got together for a big party to celebrate Phage's induction.

Phage would appear in All This and Gargantua-2, when called to an abrupt meeting by the Sovereign. He and Mommy Longlegs were the first to arrive. He honestly wasn't fond of waiting, because for 20 minutes he heard her talk in "crazy". Dr. Girlfriend would explain she was speaking the language of her colony; something she did when she sensed trouble.

Much to his surprise, he, Mommy Longlegs, Dr. Girlfriend, and Monseñor were the only attendants to the meeting. Its then the Sovereign reveals his plans for Gargantua-2. However, none of the members, including Phage, wished to participate in the attack. Phage himself found it ridiculous and boneheaded. He then immediately announced he'd rather resign, after the Sovereign reveals he murdered the rest of the council.

It is then the Sovereign decides to finish the job and kill the remaining members. He then traps them in their cells and releases a poisonous gas. During this, they lose Monseñor. But Phage, Dr. Girlfriend, and Mommy Longlegs manage to escape with Watch and Ward's help.

The survivors would come under attack again from the Sovereign when he sent a robot to shoot them down. Phage and Dr. Girlfriend barely make it, they lose Mommy Longlegs in the struggle. But the two finally escape, Phage left but not before stating he wouldn't mind working with Dr. Girlfriend again.

Season 6 Edit

In Hostile Makeover Phage was present during the reformed council's town hall meeting where they attempted to fool everyone into believing that the Sovereign was still in control. However, Phage ruined this plan by telling the gathered villains of the former Sovereign's betrayal.

In Faking Miracles the reformed council votes to invite Phage back onto the council.

It is shown in Tanks for Nuthin' that he has officially re-joined the council as he is present for a meeting on Meteor Majeure.

In Red Means Stop, he aids his fellow council members and the O.S.I. in setting a trap at VenTech Tower for The Blue Morpho by disguising himself as H.E.L.P.eR.. When Dr. Venture's latest enemy Red Death arrives he slices phage in half with his scythe but the latter is shown to be okay as he later joins his colleagues and O.S.I. in their pool party.

Resources Edit

Dr. Phage has his own crew of henchpeople called the Pro-Teens.


  • His henchman all wear yellow jumpsuits with his logo on their chests and molecule hats.
  • His name is a reference to both Phineas Gage - a man who famously underwent a profound personality change after surviving severe brain injury - and a 'bacteriophage' or simply 'phage' (lit. 'eater'), a type of virus which attacks specifically bacteria, and which form his exoskeleton mimics.
  • His henchmen are known as Pro-teens, a play on proteins and teens.
  • Phage's voice is very similar to actor Bill Hader's impression of Vincent Price.


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