Dr. Heinie
the Venture Bros. character
Dr. Heinie
First appearance

A Party for Tarzan
Voiced by

Paul F. Tomkins
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor, hero

"Hemorrhoid Lasers", laughs when afraid

the Monarch
Doctor Henie is a character from the Venture Bros that has so far only appeared in one episode. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch informs the Monarch that if he "thwarts" Dr. Heinie, his Equally Matched Aggression Level will rise from four to five.

The Monarch sneaks into Dr. Heinie's clinic and handily defeats him. The Monarch straps Dr. Heinie on one of the medical beds and then slowly sets the laser to move across the bed, to where it will eventually start burning through Dr. Heinie's hindquarters. The Monarch takes several pictures using his cell phone while Henchman 21 in disguise kills the Wandering Spider during a lunar eclipse in order to throw off anyone from discovering the Monarch's identity as the Blue Morpho

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