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Dr. Dugong
The Venture Bros. character
Dr Dugong
First appearance

Home is Where the Hate is (Photograph)
Tears of a Sea Cow (Actual debut)
Last appearance

Tears of a Sea Cow
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Real Name

Douglas Ong
Species Mutated human
Gender Male
Occupation Super-scientist
Relatives Wide Wale (brother), Sirena Ong (Niece)

Benevolent character
Dugong-themed motif

Has a large tank of cuttlefish

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
The Monarch
Kevin and Tim-Tom
Cause of Death

Shot at point blank range by the Monarch's energy cannon

Dr. Dugong (real name: Douglas Ong) was a super scientist who was briefly the arch enemy assigned to The Monarch. He was also the brother to the super-villain Wide Wale and the uncle of the latter's daughter Sirena Ong



Years ago, Douglas Ong and his brother Chester were researchers who attempted to find a cure for cancer using cuttlefish DNA but an accident occurred and left both brothers horribly mutated, turning Douglas into a human-sized dugong and confining him into a wheelchair. Unlike his brother (who became a villain), Douglas continued his research in his underwater lair, hoping to benefit mankind by inspiring it to be more like the gentle dugong.

Season 3Edit

Dr. Dugong first appeared in a photograph-book in "Home is Where the Hate is" when The Monarch is looking for potential arch enemies.

He officially appears in "Tears of a Sea Cow", where is assigned by The Guild of Calamitous Intent to be the nemesis of The Monarch. The Monarch still obsessed with his previous arch Dr. Venture half-heartedly accepted his new enemy. On the first day of his new assignment, The Monarch killed Dugong with his death-ray instead of stealing the latter's tank of cuttle-fish.

Season 6Edit

In "Maybe No Go", a photo of Dugong (while he was human) is shown when Shore Leave tells Brock Samson about Wide Wale's origin and reveals he is the brother of Dugong.


Dr. Dugong was a gentle person, and tended to be long-winded. While he was generally peaceful, he was aware that threats to his safety existed, and he used a robot bodyguard as protection.



  • Both the Monarch and his wife were skeptical about Dugong being mutated thinking he was a man in a costume. However, in "Maybe No Go" it was confirmed by Shore Leave that he was in fact mutated.
  • It is unknown if his brother Wide Wale is aware of his death or that the Monarch was responsible for his demise.

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