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Thaddeus S. Venture
The Venture Bros. character
Dr. Venture, Opening Card.
First appearance

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voiced by

James Urbaniak
Nickname(s) Rusty, Rust, Doc
Aliases Rusty, T.S., Dr. Venture
Occupation Super-Scientist
Relatives Hank Venture (son)
Dean Venture (son)
Dermott Fictel (son)
Jonas Venture Sr. (father)
Lloyd Venture (grandfather)
Jonas Venture Jr. (brother)

Self-proclaimed "super-genius", endless amount of cynicism, Amphetamine addiction

Team Venture, Venture Industries

Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture is the  protagonist  (voiced by James Urbaniak) is the son of late Scientist Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and brother of Jonas Venture Jr.. He is also the father of the Venture twins Hank and Dean.


A pill popper, he constantly lives in the shadow of his famous father, Dr. Jonas Venture, from whom he inherited Venture Industries. There is some question as to his actual degree of ability in the nebulously defined field of super-science. In fact, in "The Incredible Mr. Brisby", amusement park tycoon Roy Brisby accuses Dr. Venture of not having a doctorate at all. While Dr. Venture desperately wishes to emerge from his father's shadow, ultimately his knack for cutting corners proves his undoing, with his shoddy attempts at genuine technological innovation typically resulting in utter debacle (serving as the premise for several episodes). On one occasion, in "Dia de los Dangerous!", he was able to turn helper into a fully operational dialysis machine, after losing his kidneys, showing that he may have a genuine aptitude for science. Dr. Venture is shown to have attended college with Brock, Pete White, Baron Werner Ünderbheit and The Monarch, but he never graduated, apparently receiving "honorary degrees" from several Tijuana community colleges. Dr. Venture seems to dislike his sons; it seems ambiguous whether he actually cares for them at all.

Some of his actions may imply how much he values his sons- he keeps recloning them and hides this transformation from them in order to protect their sanity (Viva los Meuertos), once tried to protect Hank from possibly being shot by Professor Richard Impossible (Ice Station Impossible), had express concern for the boys innocence in sexual behavior (Are You There God ? It's Me Dean). It's possible he truly does care for them as he would worry about their safety, one notable example is in Mid-Life Chrysalis, when he suffered a mutation and tried to convince Hank to shoot him, should he try and harm his sons in his mutated caterpillar form. In Season 4 Dr. Venture shows favortism to his son Dean and tries to mold him to be super Scientist like as he believes in the "superscience crap" but he sees a lot of himself in Hank and in fact, loves his son. His childhood time with the original team Venture has had an undeniably traumatizing effect on him, and he still wakes up at night with nightmares of his worst adventures. This anexity has put too much on him and has caused Rusty to take pills in order to manage his erratic psyche, hallucinations and stress.



Thaddeus Venture was born to Doctor Jonas Venture Sr. and an unknown mother. Thaddeus life has been filled with strange and unusual occurrences even before he was born having consumed his twin brother Jonas Venture Jr..

Thaddeus would later gain the nickname Rusty and travel the world along with his father and the other members of Team Venture. Rusty grew up with not many friends except H.E.L.P.eR., a young mexican boy named Paco, and Tara Quymn. As Rusty grew older his father began to change his treatment of him becoming more of a tormentor then a protecter. Rusty's father would emotionally scar him by walking around his house with is penis hanging out and would let the rest of Team Venture torment Rusty as well.

Rusty recalls how the Action Man would point an unloaded gun to his head and pull the trigger saying "not today Rust". They even proceed to pull his pants down on his 16th birthday in front of models, celebs, and as Rusty puts it "actual whores" and shrank his penis.

College YearsEdit

Rusty then left home to attend State University, where he met his future enemy Baron Ünderbheit and his friend Pete White. He was in one of Professor Impossible's science classes, which he would have failed if not for the D that Impossible gave him out of pity when Rusty's father died. He later shared a room with Brock Samson, until Brock killed a member of the football team and went on a rampage assaulting Rusty, Pete, Ünderbheit, and Mike Sorayama. Brock would apologize the morning after, then bluntly inform him his father died. Rusty did not return to State college after this until trying to enroll Dean as a 'legacy.'

Rusty was blamed for an explosion in a school lab that blew off Ünderbheit's jaw. The Monarch actually placed the bomb in an attempt to murder Rusty.

Adult LifeEdit

After leaving college, Rusty took his father's place as head of Venture Industries, which quickly fell into ruin to ruin. The OSI assigned Myra Brandish as Rusty's bodygaurd as part of Operation Rusty's Blanket, a missioned designed both to protect him and the ORB

At this point, the Monarch began to attack Rust fequently, but Myra thwarted him every time. Rusty and Mira soon grew closer and ended up sleeping together. Rusty eventually lost interest in Myra and began to leave the compound without telling her, causing her mental stress.

At some unknown point Rusty had twin sons with a unknown woman, although he let Myra believe she was their mother. He named his two sons Hank and Dean Venture. Myra soon had a mental breakdown and was forced away by the OSI. At the same time, Pete White soon showed up with a young Billy Quizboy looking for work, but they are quickly turned away.

Myra was replaced by Brock Samson. Rusty gave him a tour of the compound, including his cloning facility. At some point in the past both his sons ended died, forcing Rusty to clone them to bring them back.

Hank and Dean would eventually be killed multiple times as they got older, which forced Rusty to repeatedly clone them. They can no longer be cloned as all of the "slugs" were destroyed in the "The family that Slays together, Stays together Pt. 2".

A few years after Hank and Dean were born, Rusty fathered Dermott with Nikki Fictel, the president of his fan club who told him she was 22, when she was actually 15. Nikki's mother refused to let Rusty be involved with Nikki and their child's life, threatening to bring the incident public. As a result, Rusty did not know his other son until Dermott was in his teens.

Season 1 Rusty would then be invited to a science expo for his new invention, but before they go a meteor lands in their yard (Which at the time had three of The Monarch's Henchman in it). Rusty decides that they can check it out when they get back and proceeds to fly the X-1 to New York. Rusty, Brock and the twins then go to the hotel for the night. During the night a ninja known as Otaku Senzuri attempts to steal the invention, but ends up kidnapping Hank and Dean. Brock then leaves Rusty to find them much to Rusty dismay. Rusty then goes to the expo to show off his Oo-Ray, which basically is just a death ray. This angers the the UN representatives, which confuses Rusty since he says you do not need to use it for evil. Otaku eventually then shows up and begins to masturbate to the Oo-Ray, which reveals he is a techno-fetishist who can only get aroused by advanced technolgy. Rusty then sells his Oo-Ray to the military unsure why they would want it.Edit


  • Genius Intelligence - Rusty is genius in his own right able to do complex equations and build advanced device, but seems to lack the motivation and patience to make his inventions work. It was implied by Rusty's Superego that if Rusty just stop taking the easy way out and applied himself, he would be the man he wants to be.


  • Drug Abuse - Rusty has been known to abuse various prescription drugs, most notably 'diet pills.' The drug use has left his body "toxic with chemicals" causes multiple health problems like breathlessness and impotence.
  • Lack of Patience - Rusty has a habit of putting off his work until the last minute, often leading to rushed, malfunctioning inventions.


  • Even though he is not very professional,he has proven that his intelligence and capabilities are above average in Science. Examples are him being able to re-clone his sons multiple times, reviving a person who had been blown up and using his past experience with Team Venture to kill a GUILD henchman. 

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