Denizen of the Second World
The Venture Bros. character
Denizen of the Second World
First appearance

the Better Man
Last appearance

The Better Man
Species A summoned monster from the Second World
Gender Unknown

Many tendrils
Massive size and strength
Intelligent and willful enough to throw summoner back through portal

None known

Seemingly hostile toward whomever it came across, including Torrid, the Order of the Triad, and the Outrider

In the Better Man, Torrid foolishly opened a dimensional portal to the Second World (aka "Hell"), and this entity came through. Unfortunately, it did not obey Torrid but threw him into his own portal. the Order of the Triad attempted to destroy the monster. However, they failed, and Jefferson Twilight was killed. However, The Outrider intervened, destroyed the beast, and resurrected Jefferson Twilight.

Notes and Trivia Edit

This creature bears an obvious resemblance to Cthulhu.

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