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David Bowie
First Episode Trial of the Monarch
Voiced By Christopher McCulloch (sovereign), James Urbaniak (David Bowie)
Aliases the Sovereign
Alliances the Guild of Calamitous Intent


To the unknowing public, David Bowie is a renowned international megastar with an illustrious, flamboyant career. Secretly, Bowie is the man behind the shrouded figure known as The Sovereign, and, through telescreen transmissions, he is the apparent leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent. The identity of The Sovereign is known only to a handful of people (including The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend), but Bowie attends Guild functions and events. As Bowie, he has been known to hire Molotov Cocktease for special missions, and he was at the head of the trivia craze in 1980 or 1981 according to Roy Brisbee. As The Sovereign, he gave orders to Phantom Limb and officiated the villain team-up of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. In Season 6, after learning of the OSI's investigations of the Council,he arranged the deaths of the council (save for Phage and Dr. Mrs. Monarch). When he was confronted by Dr. Girlfriend while in the guise of Jonas Venture Sr. he had orchestrated a plot destroy the Gargantua Space station 2. When asked who he really is by Dr. Girlfriend he stated "Just some bloke who wanted to be anyone but himself". Leaving her to die in the suite, he was accidentally shot by Headshot while in his eagle form. His dead body fell into the lake. with Shore Leave commenting sarcastically, "Nice going". However, it is left ambiguous as to whether the eagle was actually The Sovereign, or possibly just a normal eagle. 

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • It has been stated by Monstroso that The Sovereign may not be the real David Bowie, but a shapeshifter who uses it as his main disguise. This is later confirmed in the Season 6 teaser that The Sovereign is indeed not David Bowie.
  • When asked by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch who exactly he is, The Sovereign responds by stating that "He is just a man who wanted to be anyone but himself".
  • It was also stated by Monstroso that the being may be the creature on the cover of Diamond Dogs.

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