Marsha Backwood
The Venture Bros. character
Marsha Backwood
First appearance

Venture Libre
Voiced by

Gillian Jacobs
Species Human (Formerly)
Venturestein/Undead human
Gender female
Occupation Politician
Nationality American

United States Congress, unnamed assistant
Cause of Death

Bomb explosion

Congress Woman Marsha Backwood or Marsha Backwood A one-time-appearing character in the Venture Bros. television show, Marsha Backwood is a Congressional representative of the area that contained the Venture Compound. She traveled to Puerto Bahia to discover the fate of Dr. Venture, one of her constituents. Instead, she met her doom, but she was reconstructed as one of the category:Undead by the man she came to save.


During election season in the episode Venture Libre, Marsha Backwood came to the Venture Compound with her assistant in tow. Dr. Venture and company had been called away to Puerto Bahia by General Manhowers to deal with the Venturestein problem, leaving only Dean Venture behind to get the door. As he was preparing to restore H.E.L.P.e.R. to his old body, Dean was irate and dressed in clothing reflecting a repairmen or gardener when he answered the door. Marsha introduced herself, resulting in a noncommittal "'Kay" (as in, "okay") from Dean. Backwood mistook this answer for the Spanish word qué], meaning "what", to which she responded by speaking louder and reintroduced herself in basic Spanish. After Dean told her his father had been called by General Manhowers but otherwise brushed her off, Backwood told her assistant to get Manhowers on the phone and to check if Dean was an illegal immigrant.

Meeting with General Manhowers, Backwood launched into a lecture and managed to glean information on where Dr. Venture had disappeared. However, she failed to secure any further help from Manhowers, whom (falsely) claimed that his help was voluntary.

Toward the end of the episode, Backwood showed up in a helicopter above Puerto Bahia coincidentally just as several ships of Abominations arrived. Marsha demanded Dr. Venture's release as a citizen of the United States and one of her constituents. However, she became momentarily distracted by a seemingly lost J-Pad and picked it up. Henceforth, she was killed in the explosion in the J-Pad's built in detonator went off though following her gruesome demise, Dr. Venture cracked his knucles and said he could "fix this".

Marsha Backwood Undead

In the post credit scenes, the Venture Family (or at least, Dr. Venture) is seen sitting in front of the television. Marsha Backwood is seen addressing the United Stations with what she learned from her journey to Puerto Bahia. Now one of the -steins herself, she favorably proclaims the Abomination a proud people. As the Ventures are now okay, it might be concluded that Dr. Venture's reanimation of Backwood contributed to the cause of U.R.G.H. enough to let the Ventures go free.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Creator commentary revealed that Marsha Backwood is a parody of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin.

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