Col Lloyd Venture
The Venture Bros. character
Col Lloyd Venture
Col Lloyd Venture with the ORB
First appearance

Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Occupation Adventurer
Relatives Jonas Venture Sr. (grandson)
Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture (great grandson)
Jonas Venture Jr. (great grandson)
Hank Venture (great-great grandson)
Dean Venture (great-great grandson)
Dermott Fictel (great-great grandson)

The Guild (original)

Nikola Tesla and the Avon Ladies

Colonel Lloyd Venture is the grandfather of Jonas, the great grandfather of Thaddeus "Rusty" and Jonas "JJ" Venture Jr. and the Great great grandfather of Hank and Dean Venture and Dermott Fictel. He was the leader of The Guild, a precursor to the modern Guild of Calamitous Intent.

He appeared in the flashback of the ORB where he is seen fiddling around with the fabled Orb much to dissatisfaction of his bodyguard Eugen Sandow, who begs him not to mess with the device only to be ignored saying "I must!" and Sandow remarks in a dark tone, "Well, so must Sandow," and walks over to Venture's chair and presumably kills him by breaking his neck.

However, in The Revenge Society it is revealed that in that very scene he merely broke the device, much to Venture's surprise. Sandow replies, "My orders were to kill you". Relieved that Sandow didn't do as commanded, Venture says in a nervous tone, "Oh, well in that case thanks," and begs him to keep the whole Orb breaking incident a secret.

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  • He purchased the land the Venture compound was built on.
  • Thaddeus calls him his great-grandfather, meaning he may be the grandfather of Jonas rather than his father.
  • Colonel Venture bears a strong physical resemblance to Colonel Richard Henry Savage, a real life Victorian-era adventurer and author whose life is believed to have inspired the character of Doc Savage, upon whom Jonas Venture Jr. is partly based.