The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

"Ice Station Impossible"
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Relatives Sally Impossible (sister)
Ned (cousin)
Professor Impossible (former brother in-law)
Rocket Impossible (nephew)

bursts into flames when in contact with oxygen

Impossible Industries

Cody is the brother of Sally Impossible, cousin of Ned and former brother-in-law of Richard Impossible.


One day, while visiting his sister he and their cousin Ned were given a tour of Impossible Industries before one of Richard Impossible's experiments went wrong, as a result Cody now bursts into flames whenever he comes in contact with oxygen. He used to be confined to an oxygen free environment, but after Sally left Richard, he used Cody to power Impossible Industries. In Bright Lights, Dean City, Dean Venture sets him free which causes the building to catch on fire. It is unknown what happened to Cody after the building's destruction.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • His character, like the Impossibles, is a parody of the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. But while the Human Torch suffers no consequences when becoming engulfed in flame, Cody does.

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