Christopher Lambert
The Venture Bros. character
Christopher Motherfucking Lambert
First appearance

A Party for Tarzan
Aliases The Highlander
Gender Male
Occupation Actor

Lord of the Apes, Lord Raiden and once Lord of Diane Lane, Christopher Lambert is a celebrity with influence in New York City's high life. He wears a blue, tailor made, bespoke speed-suit called The Patriarch from Enzo's Specialty Tailoring in Little Italy.

In real life he looks a lot like Ted Danson but with a kind of magic that only a Lambert has. His friends call him Chris.

History Edit

Attending a swank ass party in New York City, Chris was introduced to Dr. Venture (looking to make wealthy connections) and was formerly invited to Rusty's Lunar Eclipse party.

Chris arrived too late, however, and couldn't get through the front door of VenTech Tower.

Appearances Edit


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