Captain Sunshine
The Venture Bros. character
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First appearance

Handsome Ransom
Voiced by

Kevin Conroy
Full name Chuck Scarsdale
Aliases Captain Sunshine,
Wonder Boy (formerly)
Occupation Super Hero

Disturbing attachment to teenage sidekicks
Emotional instability
Flight (but still drives a car)
Projects powerful beams of sun-light

Super strength

The Super Gang, Wonderboy V (Current sidekick)

Wonder Boy II, Wonderboy III (Deceased), Wonderboy IV (Former sidekicks)

Clue Clown (Deceased)
Crime-o-dile (Deceased)
the Monarch

Captain Sunshine is a solar-powered superhero with the ability to fly and produce powerful bursts of solar light that can blind and sunburn opponents. His secret identity is Chuck Scarsdale, a wealthy television news anchor on the Action 5 News Team.



Chuck was originally the first Wonder Boy under Desmond who was originally Captain Sunshine. The duo fought Red Mantle and other villains during their partnership, but it ended when Desmond retired and passed the title of Captain Sunshine to Chuck.

Season 1 & 2Edit

Captain Sunshine was the archnemesis of The Monarch, who tricked him into believing Monarch was invincible, which Sunshine still believes to this day. During his time in prison, Monarch sent Henchman 21 and Henchman 24 to kill Wonder Boy. Wonder Boy's remains were sent to his mentor.

Season 4Edit

The death of the recent Wonder Boy deeply affected Captain Sunshine, prompting him to have his revenge on The Monarch. However, he only took him to prison, from which the Monarch was promptly released due to Sunshine literally just throwing the Monarch into the prison which violated his right to due process. Sunshine also rescued Hank Venture from The Monarch's clutches, temporarily making Hank the next Wonder Boy.

When The Monarch led an assault on Sunshine's home while he was absent in his civilian job, Sunshine quickly returned out of concern for losing Hank, hijacking Action 5's news helicopter in the process. Afterward he was confronted by Monarch, who was inadvertently dressed in a Wonder Boy costume. This caused Sunshine to be psychologically unhinged which the Monarch exploited. Furthermore, the Monarch, aware that Sunshine had no powers at night, attempted to burn Captain Sunshine with his own power using a machine (made by his wife) that would mimic Sunshine's solar burst. However, he inadvertently charged up Sunshine's body, giving him the power to defeat the Monarch and his henchmen. After dealing with Monarch, Sunshine was forced to say goodbye to Hank after Rusty Venture showed up to save his son.

In Every Which Way But Zeus, his butler Desmond was kidnapped by Henchman 0. He later showed up to save the wounded Desmond who fought back against Henchman 0.

Season 5Edit

Chuck was later seen attending the Clue Clown's funeral alongside his unnamed fifth Wonder Boy. While somewhat emotional over his archenemy's death, he believed Clue Clown had one last trick up his sleeve as he always had the last laugh. It was proven true when the Clue Clown's last message was read by Monseñor, which held one last riddle about a Jack-in-the-Box. Just then the coffin sprung open with the Clue Clown hanging from a spring coming out of the coffin, which proved Captain Sunshine's suspicions of him wanting the last laugh. When the coffin was finally closed, Captain Sunshine had an emotional breakdown and cried over the coffin before it was buried.

Episode AppearancesEdit



  • His name is a reference to WNBC anchorman, Chuck Scarborough.
  • Captain Sunshine is a parody of both DC Comics superheroes Superman and Batman.
    • His voice actor Kevin Conroy has also voiced Batman in many cartoons, video games, and animated movies.
    • His relationship with Wonder Boy is similar to the often times pedophilic and homosexual relationship some people and critics perceived between Batman and Robin as depicted in the comics of the 1950's and 1960's due to many panels featuring scenes that, while innocent at the time, would be perceived as sexual allusions today, such as them sharing a bed.
    • His powers and outfit are reminiscent of Superman's.
    • Chuck is a television reporter, a nod to Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent who had a similar work at the fictional WGBS channel during the bronze age.
    • Captain Sunshine's team is a parody of the Quality Comics (and later DC) team The Freedom Fighters, which suggests Captain Sunshine to also be a parody of the light-powered superhero The Ray.
    • His light-based abilities, white-and-rainbow uniform, and name all evoke the Michael Jackson character Captain EO, echoing the accusations of pedophilia that marred Jackson's own career.
  • The creators of the show have stated that Captain Sunshine is not a pedophile or an ephebophile, claiming that he is simply highly emotionally scarred and traumatized which seems to be the cause of his rather obsessive and questionable relationships with his wards.