Bumrush and Jumpdog
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

O.S.I. Love You
Last appearance

O.S.I. Love You
Voiced by

Gender Male
Occupation Double agents

Bum pushing a shopping cart with a man in a dog uniform inside

Office of Secret Intelligence

Molotov Cocktease

Bumrush and Jumpdog were agents of the O.S.I. that presumably worked togther closely, the former being a bum pushing a shopping cart and the latter being a man in a dog costume that rode inside. They were both murdered by Molotov Cocktease in her supposed escaped from holding in the OSI headquarters. According to Hunter Gathers, this was a test for Molotov Cocktease to break through OSI defenses and kill off all the traitors within, for which Bumrush and Jumpdog were allegedly both of.

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