Brick Frog
The Venture Bros. character
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Brick Frog
First appearance

Bright Lights, Dean City
Occupation Frog themed Super-villain

Frog themed costume, Brick weapons

The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Brick Frog is a "super"-villain that applied to join The Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City. His power is that he throws bricks. 

He is seen in Don Hell's nightclub in the episode of Bot Seeks Bot, implying that he is in The Guild, as a Guild license is required in order to get in. This was confirmed in Hostile Makeover when he was shown to be in attendance at a Guild meeting.

In Tanks for Nuthin' Brick Frog was present at Battleaxe's bar when Dr. Mrs. The Monarch informed her that Haranguetan had been killed. He later appeared at VenTech Tower when it had been temporarily taken over by the Doom Factory.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • In It Happening One Night if you look closely as Brock Samson and Rocco are driving down the street you can briefly spot some graffiti on a building front that reads, "You mess with the Frog, you get the brick".
  • Brickfrog's name appears in the 2001 live-action series, The Tick, in the second episode. While Captain Liberty is looking for a super-villain for the Tick, she scrolls past Brickfrog's name on her torch computer.
  • The term "frog" can refer to the indentation on the sides of bricks or the implement used to make it.
  • Brickfrog first appeared in a 1991 indie comic, Cement Shooz, a parody similar to The Tick.
  • The character appears to be a parody of the 1942 Police Comics character "Brick Bat", a similarly ridiculous character who's gimmick was wearing a bat mask and throwing bricks at people.