The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Now Museum-Now You Don't
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Gender Male
Occupation Super Villain

Brainulo is a time-traveling super-villain. He has an over-sized cranium and an under-developed body, eventually requiring the aid of a motorized chair to move around.

Brainulo claimed to be from 1,000 years in the future, and that he had been stranded in the 20th century by Jonas Venture Sr. This caused him to hate Jonas, resulting in Brainulo's agreeing to join Scaramantula's Fraternity of Torment.


After being stranded in the 20th Century by Jonas Venture Sr., Brainulo joined the Fraternity of Torment to seek revenge. He attended a meeting of the group on Spider-Skull Island. Unbeknownst to him, Jonas had infiltrated the fraternity in disguise. Team Venture arrived and a melee ensued.

Brainulo attempted to use his giant robot Futuro to fight the heroes, but Futuro was attacked by Humongoloid. The giant robot fell on Brainulo, incapacitating him.

Many years later, Brainulo attended the opening of Jonas Venture Jr's museum on Spider-Skull Island, though Brainulo was pretending to be senile. His former ally Scaramantula deduced that Brainulo was not actually senile, and the villains attempted to disrupt the event. Brainulo tried to exert his mental influence over the various attendees, encouraging them to indulge their criminal or destructive urges (though it is not clear if he was actually successful).

Chaos erupted at the museum and Brainulo attempted to re-activate Futuro. He failed, and instead re-started the Island's long-dormant sefl-destruct function. Scaramantula was unable to disarm the detonator, and he and Brainulo fled.



  • On the DVD commentary for Now Museum-Now You Don't, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer indicate that Brainulo may not have any actual psychic abilities, and only appeared to becasue of luck and subtle manipulation.
  • Brainulo is apparently inspired by the DC Comics character Brainiac, and the Marvel Comics character MODOK.
  • Master Billy Quizboy claimed that Brainulo was his favorite villain, since they both have over-sized heads.
  • Brainulo appears in a Deleted Scene from Bright Lights, Dean City auditioning for The Revenge Society. Thus he can be seen in the waiting room crowd in the episode.

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