The Venture Bros. character
Ben Old Man Potter
First appearance

A Very Venture Halloween
Voiced by

J.K. Simmons
Aliases Old Man Potter
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Genetic engineer, handyman
Nationality American

Jonas Venture Sr. (former employer), RICO (former pet)

Ben is a one time appearing character from the Venture Bros. television show. He reclusive old man that lives in what Hank Venture and Dean Venture mistakenly know as Potter's House, a seemingly abandoned old house on the edge of the Venture Compound they equally mistakenly believe to be owned by a scary recluse called Old Man Potter.

In actuality, Ben is a former associate of Jonas Venture Sr.. Together they mastered the genetic engineering processes that would later allow Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture to develop clones of Hank and Dean. To his horror, Dean learned about his cloning when he visited Potter's House on a dare from Hank and Dermott Fictel.

Ben formerly lived on the property with RICO, a genetically engineered creation. However, in Venture Libre, RICO was seen with a number of other abominations arriving by boat at Puerto Bahia.

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