Baron Werner Ünderbheit
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

"Home Insecurity"
Voiced by

T. Ryder Smith
Full name Baron Werner Ünderbheit IV

Mechanical jaw

The Revenge Society

The Guild of Calamitous Intent, Manservant (Deceased henchman)

Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture
Girl Hitler
Manic Hateball

Mike Sorayama (Deceased)

Baron Werner Ünderbheit was the ruler of Ünderland and an arch-villain. He was dethroned and banished from his country, and became a member of the Revenge Society.


College YearsEdit

During his time in college, Werner Ünderbheit was roommates with Pete White and a friend of Rusty Venture and Mike Sorayama. Ünderbheit became the victim of a explosion caused by a young Monarch (who was attempting to kill Venture), resulting in the loss of his lower jaw. Ünderbheit blamed Venture, his lab partner who was supposed to look out for him, for the incident and began his arch-relationship with Dr. Venture.

Ruler of UnderlandEdit

Sometime after college, Ünderbheit fully inherited the dictatorship of Ünderland and used the resources of his country to plot revenge against his enemies. He soon discovered that his top henchpeople, Girl Hitler, Catclops and Manic 8-Ball, were unsatisfied with his rule and plotted to overthrow him. Ünderbheit punished their treachery by disposing them with tiger bombs. Afterwards, he comes into contact with the Monarch when both villains send their respective henchman to kill Rusty and with some tension at first the two come to an understanding and even wanted to form an alliance however, both their forces were annihilated by the Venture Security bot G.U.A.R.D.O..

Being DethronedEdit

Later on in Love-Bheits he is at his headquarters in Ünderland, when the Ventures mistakenly arrive. It is here where he takes the wig-wearing Dean Venture as a woman and proposes to "her" while having the other Ventures imprisoned. During the wedding ceremony, the Ventures escape to crash his plans; however, they are too late and their efforts reveal Dean's true gender to all and unintentionally cause Underbheit to break one of his laws, which is gay marriage. This act also dethrones him and allows Girl-Hitler to take power and her first act, as she put it, is "to banish the prick," which makes Underbheit leave the kingdom.

Life In ObscurityEdit

He then goes to ask the Monarch for a place to stay, an offer that the Monarch most likely refused, as Underbheit is seen in New York City living on the streets as a hobo as seen in Pomp and Circuitry. At the end of the episode, he goes to Impossible Towers where Phantom Limb and Professor Impossible are discussing the formation of the The Revenge Society. He tells the two "Excuse me, I want to join up with you guys."

The Revenge SocietyEdit

In Bright Lights, Dean City, when the Revenge Society ask him for a form of loyalty he kills his personal slave Manservant after thinking they wanted him to show the same form of loyalty like the one in Ünderland when all they wanted was for him to sign a contract. The group later hold auditions for more members to join but they are unsuccessful in finding anyone with competent and useful abilities.

They later find out Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture is in the city and after some futile tactics to kill him they instead lure him to the building when finding about his musical and attempt to finish him when their new recruit Fat Chance trips and Rusty falls into the hole in his chest essentially allowing him to escape by going to another dimension. The Revenge Society would be forced to evacuate their headquarters after the building catches fire due to Dean accidentally freeing Cody.

In the The Devil's Grip, he and the others are seen at an unknown location watching Dr. Mrs. The Monarch being inducted into the The Council of 13 when their new recruit Dr. Killinger walks in the room.


After a few months, the Revenge Society became a more competent group with new recruits Radical Left and Henchman 1 (now operating under the name Zero) joining and the intense training they were given by Killinger who taught them some new techniques. Werner himself even learn to use his mechanical jaw as a detachable boomerang.

Gargantua HeistEdit

In All This and Gargantua-2, he and the other members plan their first operation, which was attacking the newly built space casino, Gargantua-2 built by Jonas Venture Jr. where they would steal all the money. The plan was going smoothly until some old members of Team Venture fought back and the station went into course with an asteroid field and was in the midst of self destructing. Underbheit most likely escaped with Richard Impossible and Fat Chance during the evacuation as he was not seen aboard in the meteor base.

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  • Baron Werner Ünderbheit is a parody of Marvel Comics villain Doctor Doom; in which The Monarch even making the comparison by referring him as a "dime-store Doctor Doom". Ünderbheit's alliance with Professor Impossible is amusingly similar to Doctor Doom's membership in Mister Fantastic's Future Foundation.
  • It is unknown if he will become a part of The Council of 13.
  • It is unknown if he will ever find out that The Monarch was really responsible for destroying his jaw.
  • Baron Werner Ünderbheit shares some similarities in appearance with the Marvel Comics villain Apocalypse, namely his jaw, his physique and his armor in the earlier seasons.