Alien Villain
the Venture Bros. character
VB Alien villain
First appearance

Tag Sale - You're It!
Voiced by

Bill Hader
Species Alien
Gender Male
Occupation Villain

Name starts with no earthly letter

the Guild of Calamitous Intent

One of the many minor villains to appear in the backgrounds of various episodes in the Venture Bros., little has been revealed about this character whose very name has yet to be revealed.[1] We do learn his name starts with no earthly letter as revealed in Bright Lights, Dean City, where the alien villain receives the only line he has received in all of his appearances.

The alien villain seems to have some kind of relationship with the the villain that wears a rodent costume, for the alien villain was kidnapped by Zeus under orders of Henchman Zero. When Zero's prisoners were freed, the alien villain is reunited with his seeming master.[2]

Appearances Edit


  1. The name for this entry was taken from the voice credits in Bright Lights, Dean City.
  2. Episode: Every Which Way But Zeus

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