Aleister Crowley
The Venture Bros. character
Aleister Crowley Orb
Aleister Crowley tries to claim the Orb for himself
First appearance

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voiced by

Steven Rattazzi
Aliases The Great Beast
Gender Male
Occupation Writer, occultist
Nationality British


The Original Guild

Eugen Sandow
Nikola Tesla and his Avon Ladies

In the real world, Aleister Crowley was a famed (or infamous) British occultist, writer, and philosopher. In the world of the Venture Bros., he was also a member of the Original Guild. He attempted the power of the Orb for himself, but Eugen Sandow intervened and prevented him from doing so. At Fantômas ' request, Sandow picked up Crowley and presumably threw him out of the blimp they were occupying at the time.

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