Action Johnny
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Twenty Years to Midnight
Voiced by

Brendon Small
Aliases Jonny Quest
Occupation former Boy Adventurer
Relatives Benton Quest (father),
Hadji (adopted brother),
Rachael Quest (mother).

Recovering drug addict

The Order of the Triad
Team Venture
Team Quest

Dr. Z (Mostly formerly, hasn't arched Johnny in years)

Toru (Deceased)

Action Johnny is a former boy adventurer and recovering drug addict.


Action Johnny was a former boy adventurer and child star. He described his life as traumatic, which led to becoming mentally unstable. After his father died, Johnny had been sequestered within a bathysphere, living in isolation and feeding (when possible) his addiction to narcotics.

When he was visited by Dr. Jonas Venture, Jr. and The Pirate Captain, Johnny held them up at gunpoint until he is fooled into handing over a piece of Dr. Venture Sr.'s machinery after being bribed by the Captain and Jonas Jr., an act that Jonas Jr. later regretted.

Johnny later sobered up, but is still a high strung nervous wreck due to his many psychological issues resulting from his father's irresponsible parenting. He was invited to Rusty Venture's "boy-adventurer" day camp, where he claims to a group of young boys that "fathers are caring and protective men, and I don't have one of those". He even expresses the desire to free Dean Venture from his father, but is stopped mid-sentence by Brock Samson. He also implies that he staged several crimes to spite his father, including the murder of their dog Bandit. When Dr. Z makes a surprise guest appearance, Johnny suffered a nervous breakdown upon seeing his old arch-nemesis.

He was next seen in group therapy with several other boy adventurers (a former Wonder Boy, Roboboy and the Hale brothers) and has recovered enough to be functioning, but still on recovery, such as in still having an addiction to drugs, though he has become friendlier and more stable.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Dr. Benton QuestEdit

Dr. Quest is Johnny's father who would drag him along on adventures. The mere mention of his father sends Johnny into a rage.


According to Hadji, they're like brothers and Johnny's been known to come to his house when he needs money or is strung out.

Dr. VentureEdit

Dr. Venture is a fellow former child adventurer and both have known each other since boyhood. Johnny likes to poke fun at Rusty due to Rusty looking older than him, despite Johnny being the older one.

Episode AppearancesEdit



  • Action Johnny started out as a thinly veiled parody of Jonny Quest but as the producers found out that Cartoon Network actually owned the rights to the Jonny Quest characters, the character has become a grown up version of Jonny. However, Cartoon Network has restricted their usage and relation as such to avoid any association of influence with the actual Jonny Quest.